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I'm a Business member. How do I login for the first time?
  1. Enter your current username and password.

  2. Enter the business’ TIN and their own (the user’s) date of birth.

  3. Next, you will go through the verification process via email, voicemail, or text and will be asked to enter 6-digit code.

  4. You will asked to update your password.

  5. Read and accepts the online banking disclosure.

  6. You’re in!

Business members cannot currently self-register. Please call our digital specialists at 844.621.2513 or Business Services at 802.747.2337. Branch Staff can also help you register.

EnrollKatye Munger
I’m new to eBranch. How do I enroll?

You can enroll in eBranch right from a computer or mobile device!

Below the login field, use the “Register with Online Banking” button and follow the prompts!

Note: You’ll need to have your member number and other personally identifiable information in order to successfully enroll.

For a full walk through of the enrollment process, watch this video: